Men Are From Mars

Returning to Ruffneck Ting with another superb solo artist ep is the supremely talented workaholic wizard, Jinx. This 4 track selection takes you on a sonic journey, fully charged with planet shaking bass and is aimed squarely at those who like to roll it out to the max…

Men Are From Mars
Vibes run hard from the very start with this Dancefloor Destroyer. The weighty drum track is surrounded by a barrage of cosmic bleeps, solar swishes and moonlit mentasms and a huge sub drop thats capable of propelling anyone into frenzied orbit. Try to dance your way back down to earth again but take heed to the messenger who sends out a warning to those who would dare to be captured…

Lost Time
Time to feel lost in space as sensual hypnotic pianos, velvet violins and sultry strings create a melancholic atmosphere. Echoed voices that could have been be captured on communication systems add to the ethereal qualities. But any sensation of floaty weightlessness is only momentary as big fat rolling basses and crisp stepper style beats continue the journey with attitude but to the deeper, soulful side of things.

It’s back to warp speed again as Energy brings vibes, vibes and more vibes to the dance! the intro is packed with horn blowing drama, and a soundbwoy guides the listener to the cavernous drop. Swooping in like an out of control comet, the turbo charged bass rockets along with razor sharp drum edits and a female vocal bringing ‘so much energy’ to the floor.

Dedicated to all earthlings, ‘People’ is capable of bringing bouncing harmony to the floor despite its conflicting elements. It commences with a spacious, suspenseful intro of housey horn stabs and congas into which a marching beat is spot welded in place. A massive question and answer session then erupts between a smooth sub and gnarly top line while an evocative female vocal encourages everyone to move. (as if they’d need any encouragement!)

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