Dj Coda Dj Dazee K Jah Jinx Vytol Jenny Groves, Megatron, Ydott, Trafic

It’s been over a year since the Xtraordinary League of Junglists went on their last crusade together, finding the golden ratios and restoring order to the galaxy, but now danger is once again lurking. This time, the whole of existence is at stake, as the giant acetate that holds our universe is reaching its end and there’s only one solution… The XLJ are calling for a rewind! Its not going to be an easy task though and they’re going to need some serious assistance, so they’ve fired up the beacon and called for new recruits! Thankfully plenty of junglist soldiers have answered the call! Reporting for duty are a huge team of XLJ warriors, both established members and those new to the team and they’re packing some serious gear to get the job done!
The Xtraordinary League Of Junglists 2 (Level 1) is OUT NOW Join us for the launch of Level 2 and be the first to hear the bombs we’re dropping to fight the forces of evil in part 2 of this momentus challenge!!!


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