It’s been over a year since the Xtraordinary League of Junglists went on their last crusade together, finding the golden ratios and restoring order to the galaxy, but now danger is once again lurking. This time, the whole of existence is at stake, as the giant acetate that holds our universe is reaching its end and there’s only one solution… The XLJ are calling for a rewind! Its not going to be an easy task though and they’re going to need some serious assistance, so they’ve fired up the beacon and called for new recruits! Thankfully plenty of junglist soldiers have answered the call! Reporting for duty are a huge team of XLJ warriors, both established members and those new to the team and they’re packing some serious gear to get the job done!

Aries & Jinx are the first XLJ veterans to return, their fusion of mechanical know how and space age wizardry combining to create ‘Every Day’ a slamming number with furious breaks and finely honed bass licks! They’re followed up by everyone’s favourite yellow jump-suited space explorer Verdikt, who’s contribution is the bass heavy ‘Enemies’ a sub shaking hammer against the forces of evil! Bass Antics & Nino are back too, Nino’s taken a new heavyweight form that can even hold it’s own against the Jinx-bot and Bass Antics is still the slippery shapeshifter we know and love. Between them they’ve crafted ‘Lay Down’ – a luscious roller, with warm bass tones packed in with tightly chopped vocals.

Next up a new recruit from the far north east of the galaxy :intergalactic cyborg ninja warrior DJ Hybrid whose Jungle-jutsu is feared throughout known space. He brings one of his clan’s ancient secrets with him ‘Original Business’ a wobbly piece of proper jungle weaponry. His legendary big booming bass hits as hard here as it ever has, watch out! They’ve got a ninja, and now they’ve got a samurai, Kenji is another new face to the team, this mysterious alien swordsman cuts through his foes with his signature plasma saber and that’s not all he’s bringing with him. Try out ‘I Would’, a deadly blend of ravey keys and synth work with a droning bassline and expert drumwork.

K-Jah & Vytol are another set of returning alumni from the XLJ squad, ‘Something is Happening’ sees them unleashing a gritty sci-fi smasher that takes no prisoners! Screwface business as you’d expect from these two! Bass Antics goes in solo with ‘Original’ a sublow stepper with futuristic drum patterns and this is swiftly followed up by ‘Dirty South’ as Jinx and his arachni-droid pal The Force team up for a lesson in how to craft low frequencies.

Jinx has brought more fresh blood to the team and links up with Kalum and Blackout JA for a hot slice of ragga jungle infused d&b as they unleash ‘Lock Da City’ with it’s sublime mix of quickfire vocals and crashing bass notes. This is contrasted by Genetix’s contribution ‘Something’s Brewing’ a rattling stepper that ploughs through the dance with it’s big droning low end, a serious XLJ stepper from this pair of deadly robot assassins.

Bass Antics works his shapeshifting magic again and reworks Jinx’s ‘Beat Box’ – injecting a massive dose of power to the bassline and giving the breaks a slick new coat of paint. Lion UK is another new face and he’s delivered the goods with ‘Hova Nova’ a proper rinse out – rife with breaks that that wears its reggae influence proudly on its sleeve! Flat T, one of Verdikt’s “fiends”  on his last mission for the XLJ, joins the fray with a solo attack ‘The Dragon’ an absolute assault that unleashes gritty layers of bass and powerful drum work with oodles of oriental SFX.

Genetix then grab another RNT veteran, the two headed junk-bot Habitat and between them they dig into the XLJ armoury and revitalise a Ruffneck Ting classic from an earlier time. They give the remix treatment to Substance and Dazee’s ‘LF Ant’ and give it a 21st century finish and their trademark rolling style, turning it into a punchier more hyperactive number with skank inducing rhythm that nails the RNT jump up / roller hybrid sound.

Last up but certainly not least is another new recruit, the enigmatic Erbman. Not much is known about this mysterious trenchcoat-clad enigma but ’22-22’speaks for itself, a heavy hitting production that rolls along with a spacey reverberating bass line and a sprinkle of punchy percussion.

The Xtraordinary League of Junglists Volume 2 – Level 1 hits Junodownload on Sept 10th and all other stores on 17th Sept.

But that’s not all… The universal rewind requires such a momentous task of intergalactic heroism that the league will be stepping up to Level 2 with a second album dropping soon! Keep your eyes and ears on the skies (and RNT social media channels) to find out more!

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