Moon Stompin / Universe

Ruffneck Ting is proud to present Moon Stompin’ and Universe from much-respected artist, The Force. With a history of big releases on labels such as Nemesis, Stereotype, Infrared, Intercom and Urban Takeover, the Force’s versatility shines as he skilfully represents the Ruffneck Ting sound for the first time.

Supported by Kenny Ken, Voltage, Ray Keith, Frost, Nicky Black Market, Serial Killaz to name but a few, this double A side release has huge appeal, bringing old and new school flavours and pure positive energy.

Moon Stompin’

Not just a huge tune for the dance floor, Moon Stompin’ helps to enlighten us on an often misunderstood element of historic British dance culture. It begins with a stabby synth riff that builds the energy levels to eruption point until the heavy distorted bass drop kicks in.

But the accompanying voice sample from the intro of a well-known ska tune also demands attention in more ways than one. Addressing “all you skinheads” and encouraging “some of that ol’ moonstompin’”, this comes from a time when skinheads were multi-cultural ska and dub loving mods who dressed and danced with style (unlike the fascist skinheads that most people remember!)

“Moon stomping” (also known as “skanking”) was the dance of choice and not unlike the skanking that junglists perform to this day. Ok students, lesson over; for homework please practice moon stomping or skanking or just bouncing in your own style to the irresistible vibe and energy of this tune.


As big and full of lifting vibes as you could ever want, this tune captivates any dancefloor. It carries you to a universal high with a simple, infectious, resonant bass riff, sparkling Amens and a flow that you don’t want to end.

Subtle soundclash samples keep the flavour ruff and rolling and add to this timeless jungle classic style, helping to make “Universe” a firm favourite with all lovers of the original flavour.

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